Photo Flights

Professional photo flights are quoted on individual request basis

We have been working with photographers for over 25 years

Photo flights

We operate photography flights on an individual quotation basis. For the past few years we have been providing our services to numerous professional as well as amateur photographers. Our Cessna 207 is considered highly suitable for this line of work and the pilots are highly experienced in the field of flying with photographers.

I booked with Atlantsflug after hearing good things from someone else. I lead a photography group of 3 backpacking through the Icelandic Highlands with the flight being a treat to finish! We had the flight rescheduled from Friday to Saturday for the weather and found a much higher cloud level on the day that we flew.

We took off from Thorsmork, flew up to Lanmannalaugar, across to Langisjor and back down to Thorsmork. The views were outstanding and the pilot was obviously very knowledgeable of the best locations to make good images. We were also able to ask him to roll left/right to get a particular shot. Everyone had a fantastic time. This is definitely a company I would use again.

Alex N

Visitor 2014

If you are a fan of flying, photography, scenery or just want to do something different, there is no better way to see the fantastic scenes of Iceland than by flying with Atlansflug.

Kevin B

Visitor 2015

Cessna 207 with 3 openable windows

Two mounts for Go pro´s

There are two mounts for Go pro cameras on the aircraft, one on the tail and one on the wing.


Three windows are openable

The aircraft has three openable windows. Two are located at the back of the plane and one is in the front next to the pilot seat. This offers photographers much greater freedom during the flight.

Experienced pilots

We have 25 years of experience in photography flights.

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