Þórsmörk flight and Super jeep tour

On this adventure into majestic Þórsmörk (Thorsmork) Mountain Range, we start at Reykjavík domestic airport for a short 40 min sightseeing flight to Bakki airport. At Bakki airport you are picked up by a super jeep that will take you along rough mountain tracks and cross approx. 10 glacial rivers. In Þórsmörk there is a view to Eyjafjallajökull Volcano and Myrdalsjökull glacier, which is the home of Katla volcano. On the way we will stop at Gígjökull glacier and then it is optional to stop and hike into either Merkurker, Nauthúsgil or Stakkholtsgjá. In Þórsmork there are many marked walking paths, ideal for short hikes. After the ride in Þórsmörk you wll be dropped off at Bakki airport again and take the flight to Reykjavík domestic airport. Remember to bring your camera, warm clothes, rain gear and sturdy shoes on all trips!

All year
Approx. 7-8 hours.
Minimum number of
passengers may apply.
Morning departure at 9:00 am 


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