Due to the eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula, we are temporarily operating flights from Reykjavík Domestic Airport – Our flying season in Skaftafell will start at the beginning of June!

Landmannalaugar and Highland Wonders

This is our grand tour, an epic journey of an aerial sightseeing helicopter tour totaling upwards of two hours exploring the vast wilderness of Iceland‘s unspoiled highlands. Simply put, all the best Iceland has to offer.

From our base at Skaftafell Terminal we fly westbound towards the highlands, setting our course for our landing site at geothermal glacier volcano Mt. Hrafntinnusker. Along the way we fly over remote canyons and waterfalls with ever changing landscapes and colors, with Torfajökull glacier and the massive Katla volcano rising up on the horizon. As we reach Hrafntinnusker we first see the hot geothermal steam emitted from the ground, before its glistening obsidian rocks and ice sheets start emerging from the smoke. As we land and you unboard the helicopter to explore this remote protected area, you‘ll see pools of boiling water among red and yellow colors in the rocks. The surrounding scenery is nothing less than epic; Hekla, queen of the volcanoes, boldly rises to the west and the fearsome Eyjafjallajökull volcano, notorious for disturbing global air traffic in 2010, looms to the south. 

As we again get airborn our next location is the glacier canyon Jökulgil, whose enthralling pastel color palette scales the whole spectrum from yellow and red to green and blue. A long time photographers favorite, so make sure to have your camera or smartphone ready. Next up is highland reserve and hot spring paradise Landmannalaugar, revered by Icelanders and travelers alike as the pearl of the Icelandic highlands. In this sublime and serene place you‘ll be enveloped by massive valleys with vivid rhyolite colors, and fly over the surreal crater formations of red sulphur volcano Brennisteinsalda.  

Now heading back east, the black volcanic ash fields, mountain lakes and glacial rivers provide even sharper color contrasts. You‘ll feel like you‘re flying in the middle of a beautiful painting. We reach Lakagígar, a chain of over 120 moonlike craters stretching for 25km of unique and jawdropping lava formations. To top off a tour you‘ll never forget, we’ll also fly over Eldgjá, the world’s largest volcanic canyon, which dwarfs even Lakagígar in lava volume. 

Examples of possible sights: Torfajökull glacier, Vatnajökull glacier, Grænalón, Hrafntinnusker, Landmannalaugar, Brennisteinsalda, Lakagígar, Eldgjá, Svartifoss, Skaftafellsjökull


~ 120 minutes


3 passengers 


  • Pilot-guided helicopter tour
  • 90 minute flight time
  • One landing
  • Panoramic view for all passengers
  • Free parking

What to bring? 

We recommend you bring warm clothes and closed/waterproof shoes on this tour.