Landmannalaugar Above

Fly over the amazing area of Lakagígar crater chain created in 1783, one of the largest eruptions in recorded history on the way over to Landmannalaugar, the beautiful valley between the mountains and enjoy seeing all the amazing colors the Icelandic highland has to offer.

Prices from: 43.600 ISK   Ι  Duration: ~ 60 minutes


  • Airplane Tour


  • Free parking at Skaftafell Terminal
  • Great view for all passengers
  • Pilot guided air tour

Main Sights

  • Lakagígar Crater Chain
  • Landmannalaugar
  • Vatnajökull

What to bring

  • Your camera
  • Light jacket
  • Closed waterproof shoes

Landmannalaugar Above

From highland nature reserves to serene lakes and volcanic craters, this is an epic journey of aerial sightseeing, exploring the vast wilderness of Iceland‘s unspoiled highlands.

On arrival at Skaftafell Terminal please check in at our reception, there you will meet with your pilot that will go over the flight route and perform a safety briefing before the flight. From our base at Skaftafell Terminal, we fly westbound towards the highlands, flying over Skeiðarárjökull, one of many outlet glaciers of Vatnajökull, Europe‘s largest glacier, on the way over to Lakagígar craters, Landmannalaugar and more.

From Skeiðarárjökull glacier we fly over Lakagígar crater chain. A 25 km long row of about 135 craters, formed in the years 1783-1784, during one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. During the 8-month eruption period, it is estimated it poured out 42 billion tons (14 km3) of basalt lava and clouds of poisonous gases and ash led to the death of 50% of Iceland’s livestock and a third of the Icelandic nation died. Furthermore, the eruption in Lakagígar and its aftermath has been linked to some global events.

From Lakagígar we fly over to Landmannalaugar, the beautiful valley nestled right alongside the black Laugarhraun lava field, a large field of dried magma that formed in an eruption in 1477. Landmannalaugar is mostly known for its natural geothermal baths like the name suggests, the „people‘s pool“. These natural geothermal baths along with the unique windswept rhyolite mountains, with their various shades of pink, green, blue and golden yellow make this area amazing for snapping some photos from the air.

On our way back to Skaftafell, the black volcanic ash fields, mountain lakes, and glacial rivers provide even sharper color contrasts. You‘ll feel like you‘re flying in the middle of a beautiful painting. We fly over Eldgjá, the largest volcanic canyon in the world which dwarfs even Lakagígar in lava volume. The canyon is thought to have formed during a massive eruption in 934 that lasted for a couple of months.

During the flight, you might also get to see Langisjór, a 20 km long lake up in highlands, 670 m above sea level, Skeiðarárjökull glacier, Síðujökull glacier along with many beautiful spots west of Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

Landmannalaugar Tour Map

Once we land back at Skaftafell Terminal, we hope you got the chance to snap some nice photos and get a glimpse of the magical and diversified landscape the Iceland highland has to offer.


Duration: Airplane Tour: ~ 60 minutes

Departures: Morning departure is between 9 am and 1 pm, afternoon departure is between 1 pm and 5 pm. After receiving your booking we will reply to you with your exact departure time. Please note that during wintertime, we are limited by short daylight time, so our operation time gets a little shorter. If you prefer a special departure time, please send us an email or put it in the comment section of your booking.

Departure point: Skaftafell Terminal

Difficulty: Easy

Availability: from June 2021

Included: Free parking, great views for everyone, a pilot guided air tour, small groups (5-7 people max)

What to bring: Closed waterproof shoes on tours with helicopter landings, your camera, light jacket

Minimum age: There is no age limit for our tours, but children and infants under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Good to know: Our main objective is to make sure our customers get the best experience possible. With that and everyone’s safety in mind, we reserve the right to cancel a tour or change the itinerary due to weather conditions and/or any other factors beyond our control. Please read our terms and conditions for more information before booking your tour and note that routes marked on the map, are for reference only and can change. Helicopter landings are only made when deemed safe by our pilots and can be subject to weather and seasonal conditions. 

Minimum passengers: 3 passengers

Local advice: If you are staying in the area overnight, we recommend booking a hotel room at Hotel Skaftafell, their restaurant is also a great pit-stop to have lunch or dinner before driving to your next destination. The local gas station Freysnes offers some more budget-friendly options for a quick lunch or dinner (their Lamb-burger is awesome!). And if you are looking for some other local activities check out some of our trusted partners that are operating from Skaftafell Terminal.


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Please arrive at our meeting point 20 minutes before departure time stated on your ticket. If you arrive after departure time, your place on the tour can’t be guaranteed or refunded.

Our meeting point is at Skaftafell Terminal by the main road. You can look up “Skaftafell Terminal” on Google Maps to find the exact location and driving directions.

Driving time to Skaftafell from Reykjavík is around 4 hours and 30 minutes. If you arrive early, you can visit Skaftafell Terminal which offers free parking, light refreshment and has restrooms.

Here is a link to our meeting point on google maps:


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